Artists Who Work in Support of Animals

There are many artists who have helped to bring ADAV’s messaging alive. They are all animal advocates and include Crystal, Maureen, Teresa, Twyla, Maidie and Graham. We are so very grateful to them. We decided to begin this page to highlight some of their work on behalf of animals. Stay tuned for the addition of new links!

Teresa J. Knight

Image above by Teresa J. Knight

From Teresa’s site:

I am a fine art instructor and painter in Union Bay, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island.  I paint from my life experience here and offer classes and workshops at my studio.

A passionate advocate for animal welfare, I use my art to serve a greater purpose.  Partial proceeds from my paintings go towards supporting organizations dedicated to the well-being of animals.

Teresa is also the illustrator of Nina’s Song, available for purchase from ADAV here.

Twyla Francois

Image by Twyla Francois. An example of free art she provides for use by animal advocates.

From Twyla’s site:

Whether you’re new to the world of animal advocacy or a seasoned activist, I hope you’ll find these resources handy.

Feel free to print them out as posters for demonstrations, share them on your social networking sites, stick them on your office wall to gently (or not so gently!) educate co-workers, or print them off as stickers to help make product labels more honest!


Graham Harrop

Image by Graham Harrop, one of many that deals with animal issues.

Graham Harrop is author of many cartoon books including the Ten Cats series, as well as being a political cartoonist for The Vancouver Sun. He regularly donates proceeds from his work to ADAV. You can purchase some of his books directly from ADAV here.

Thank you to all the artists who work in support of animals!

Maureen Snider

Maureen Snider is an Okanagan based designer with 20 plus years of experience in apparel and graphic design. She has generously donated her time to both ADAV and our sister organization PNARS (Progressive Non-Animal Research Society) creating logos for both as well as many other images including the banner that appears at the top of this website and the one that appears on our electronic newsletters.

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