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The following section provides links to reports and articles on selected diseases, ethical issues and people who have – or are – playing an important role in the fight against animal experimentation. Please note that this section is provided for your information only and The ADAV Society does not necessarily endorse all the content linked to, nor takes responsibility for the accuracy of the facts stated.

Please note that this section continues to be updated regularly.


National Public Radio : Researchers Create Artificial Organs That Fit In Your Hand

Science Alert : These lab-grown ‘mini-brains’ could help replace animal testing this year

13/06/15 The Economist : Towards a body-on-a-chip

30/04/15 Discover Magazine : Building a Full-Blown Human Body-on-a-Chip

29/04/15 Bloomberg : Drug Testing, Now Without the Chimp

29/04/15 Nature : Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials

09/03/15 : Bioengineers put human hearts on a chip to aid drug screening

23/01/15 Chronicle of Higher Education : A Modern Clinical Trial: 7 Years, 1,000 Patients, and Plenty of Questions About Cost

31/08/14 International Business Times : Artificial Human Farms Could Wipe Out Animal Testing in Three Years – Scientists Claim

31/08/14 The Sunday Times : Artificial micro-humans may replace animals in lab tests

26/06/14 STV : Mini human hearts grown to find cure for disease causing sudden death

12/12/12 New Scientist : How human biology can prevent drug deaths

01/07/12 Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery : The application of human tissue for drug discovery and development

28/11/11 Evocutis : Evocutis launches in vitro antimicrobial and prebiotic assays using LabSkin™

01/03/09 Scientists for Global Responsibility : Could we have safer medicines through non-animal testing?

05/02/09 Regulatory Affairs Journal (RAJ) Pharma : Are Humans the Best Model for Human Medicines?

27/03/08 Time Magazine : Putting Immunity in a Test Tube

01/02/08 Lifescape Magazine : Safer Medicines – Reproduced with kind permission of Lifescape Magazine

01/05/05 : The Future of Teratology Research is In Vitro

Animal Models

What Doctors Don’t Tell You : Animal tests fail to detect drug’s deadly dangers

The Telegraph : Why tests on mice may be of little use

20/03/15 The Guardian: : Mice losing their allure as experimental subjects to study human disease

22/05/14 Pharmafile : Stop Alzheimers testing on animals

20/05/14 Independent Science News : The Failing Animal Research Paradigm for Human Disease

14/02/14 : Annual Question 2014: What scientific idea is ready for retirement? Mouse Models

21/11/13 Altex : Of rodents and men: Species-Specific Glucose Regulation and Type 2 Diabetes Research

10/04/13 Altex : Animal models of Alzheimer disease: historical pitfalls and a path forward

11/02/13 New York Times : Mice Fall Short as Test Subjects for Humans’ Deadly Ills

01/05/09 Lifescape Magazine : Medicines are still tested for safety in animals – yet high-tech tests based on human biology are far more accurate. Which would you trust to protect your health? Reproduced with kind permission of Lifescape Magazine

01/12/08 the National : When animals fail the test

01/08/08 : Mouse models for neurological disease “nearly useless”

01/02/08 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine : Medical progress depends on animal models – doesn’t it?

07/11/07 Daily Express : Why cats should all say no to an aspirin

07/11/07 : ASA rejects claim by Pro-Test that animal testing has been scientifically evaluated

01/09/07 Best Friends Magazine (US), September/October 2007 : Trials and Errors – Ted Brewer

01/03/07 : Study casts doubt on efficacy of chimpanzee research

24/12/06 Vero : EMP supporter Marius Maxwell MBBChir, DPhil – a Cambridge/Oxford/Harvard educated neurosurgeon and neuroscientist speaks out against animal testing.


05/06/06 : New booklet proclaiming the benefits of primate research makes insupportable claims

05/05/06 The Guardian : Over-reliance on the accuracy of animal testing is dangerously misleading and puts human life at risk, writes Kathy Archibald

15/10/05 BMJ : Animal tests yield misleading results

25/08/05 The First Post : Animal testing is merely a placebo for our consciences

25/07/05 Big Issue Scotland : Testing on animals has slowed search for cures claims leading UK scientist

08/06/05 : Drug and Chemical Tests Using Animals Fail to Predict Birth Defect Risk Half the Time

04/03/05 The Financial Times : Of mice, men and medical concern

03/03/05 Spiked : Animal testing for drug safety is unreliable

24/02/05 The Newcastle Journal : Scientist: Animal tests don’t work

17/11/04 Telegraph : QED: Animals make poor guinea pigs in drugs tests

03/09/04 : Doctors fear animal experiments endanger patients


Cancer Charities – Where does your money go?


01/02/14 French therapeutics journal Prescrire : Victims of adverse drug reactions; coming out of denial as a society, in the name of better care.

10/02/12 Forbes : The Truly Staggering Cost Of Inventing New Drugs


01/09/07 European Molecular Biology Organization : Comment on The ethics of animal research by Festing & Wilkinson

16/01/06 The Independent : Julia Stephenson: The Green Goddess – While the debate rages on, lab rats are still suffering

Hans Ruesch

CIVIS – Statement of Principles

Hans Ruesch(medical historian,famous author and anti vivisectionist) discusses with Dr Hartinger(surgeon and author) why vivisection is not science,in all medical fields,especially in the skilled field of surgery:


19/05/09 Regulatory Affairs Journal (RAJ) Pharma : International regulators sign deal on validating alternatives to animal testing

12/06/07 : US National Research Council calls for the replacement of animal toxicity tests with superior human based tests.

Pharmaceutical Industry

24/02/16 Independent : Pharmaceutical companies cause doctors to receive biased information about drugs ‘costing hundreds of thousands of lives’

04/10/15 The Washington Post and Pittsburgh Post Gazette : The $750 pill: Why do drug companies charge so much?

13/06/14 Rxisk : Polypharmacy: When is enough, enough? Could you be on too many drugs?

12/01/12 Outsourcing Pharma : Big preclinical CROs stuck in tox time warp says upbeat Cyprotex CEO

01/06/10 BBC Focus Magazine: article reproduced with kind permission of Robert Matthews : What Big Pharma shareholders should know about animal testing

26/01/07 The First Post : Why the drug giants need a shot in the arm


01/12/08 ScienceDaily : New Insights into Thalidomide-birth Defect Episode

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