Wall of Gratitude: Donors & Supporters

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

On behalf of animals suffering in labs, deserving of better days, and who are so very vulnerable, we wish to thank the following donors and supporters, for caring enough to make a difference.

Donors since this page was started:

Andrew, Anja, Annie-Marie, Cheryl, Clay, Ericka, Elisabeth, Dorcas, Greg. Hinda ,Inge, Jacob, Jodey, Janice, Jennifer, Jodey, Karl, Katherine, Lana, Layne, Linda, Lori, Margaret, Maureen, Michelle, Noelle, Roy, Sanaz, Shawna, Vernon, Willow

Those Who Provided Goods and Services

Amen (Media Planet), Alex (Eternal Abundance), Allan, Daphne, (brEAThe Kitchen), Fairy Cakes, Kelly, LUSH, Linda, Martin (Manicanet), Maureen (Graphic Artist), Michelle (Artist), Twyla (Artist), Vegan Supply

Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay

Thank You!!!