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Greek, R and Shanks, N. FAQs About the Use of FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science: A handbook for the scientifically perplexed. University Press of America. 2009. This book provides a detailed look at animals used as predictive models to the non-scientist.

Greek and Greek. What Will We Do If We Don’t Experiment On Animals? Medical Research for the Twenty-first Century. Trafford 2004. This book explains the invalidity of the animal model in biomedical research, and what modern, humane alternatives can be used to replace animal experimentation.

Greek and Greek. Specious Science (Continuum 2002). This book explains the invalidity of the animal model in biomedical research by examining paediatrics, diseases of the brain, new surgical techniques, in vitro research, the human genome and proteome projects.

Greek and Greek: Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals (Continuum 2000). This book explains the invalidity of the animal model in biomedical research and examines the myths surrounding the idea of human benefits of animal experimentation.

Knight, A. The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. In this book, bioethicist and veterinarian Andrew Knight presents more than a decade of ground-breaking scientific research, analysis and experience to provide evidence-based answers to a key question: is animal experimentation ethically justifiable?

Shanks, N and Greek R. Animal Models in Light of Evolution.  BrownWalker 2009. Designed for readers with a scientific background, this book provides a detailed look at animals used as predictive models.

Shiva, V. Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge. Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, 1998. ISBN 0896085554, 9780896085558. 148 pages. This book provides a succinct and accessible introduction to the issue of patents for living beings and corporate control of the natural world.

Stein Gvirtzman, I. MouseStruck: An Animal Rights Activist, An Ex-Vivisector True Story. 2015. This books provides a unique and rare account of a vivisector who, after a long career in vivisection, decided to break the wall of silence and courageously told the story of animals experimented on in laboratories.

FREE Books / Book Chapters 

A Critical Look At Animal Experimentation: This booklet examines the impact of animal experimentation on research into cancer, AIDS, neurological disorders and others, as well as outlining more valid human-based methods of research.

Animal Models in Drug Development in Sivakumar Gowder (Editor) New Insights into Toxicity and Drug Testing. ISBN 980-953-307-844-6. 2013. This book chapter explores the reductionist approach of using animal models in drug development, especially in toxicity testing.

Animal Models of Cancer in Light of Evolutionary Biology and Complexity Science in The Research and Biology of Cancer. iConcept Press. ISBN 978-14775549-9-9. 2013

How to do Animal Rights. Free online-book about doing animal rights as a practical and legal activity.

Safer Medicines Campaign booklet: This booklet examines alternatives to animal use in science, highlighting the dangers of using animals and the improvements in safety that could be aciheved with more modern methods. and makes the case against the current practice of animal experimentation.



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