No Animal Labs at St. Paul’s Hospital

Every year, millions of animals in Canada experience excruciating pain and die in the name of research that does not reliably predict human outcomes. Live animals are used for burn research, psychological and physical pain research, given cancer, blinded, subjected to broken bones or strokes, swim tests in icy water, forced to inhale smoke and more. All when alternative ways of conducting research exist and it has been shown time and time again that, in research, animal models produce misleading results. Animal physiology is different to human physiology. For example, over 90% of drugs that have tested safe in animals have proven unsafe for humans.

St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver has a history of conducting invasive research on animals.  Now that the institution is building a costly medical campus which includes two major research towers with plans to include animal labs, the public needs to make clear that only sophisticated, innovative research and development is acceptable here.  No matter where you live, you can have a role in ensuring that Vancouver leaves the dark age of animal experimentation behind.

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