2015 CCAC Animal Data Report

The recently released Canadian Council on Animal Care’s (CCAC) Animal Data Report for 2015 indicates that 3,570,352 animals were used for research, testing and teaching in CCAC-certified institutions.

There was a 12% increase in the use of mice and the use of cattle more than doubled.

Over one million animals or 29.5%, suffered at the second highest level of invasiveness, and 2% or 76,646, endured experiments at the highest level: Category CI=E, which allows for severe pain that is near, at or above the pain tolerance threshold of unanesthetized, conscious animals.

Over 61% of the experiments were done for basic, curiosity-driven research, 16% were for development of products or appliances for human or veterinary medicine, 12.9% for research into diseases or disorders, 5.5% for animal testing, and 4.4% were used for education and training purposes.

Overall, there has been an upward trend in animal use in Canada since 1996, with 2014 marking the peak increase at 24%.

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