Animal Issues & Canada’s Election

Image by djmboxsterman from Pixabay

Time is ticking to make big changes for animals!

As the election approaches, candidates are paying more attention than ever to the priorities of Canadian voters. Thanks to the voices of people like you, animal protection has made it into the main parties’ platforms for the first time in Canada’s history. Now we need your help to turn this momentum for change into real progress. 

This is our chance to make sure animal protection is addressed as a federal priority!

Right now, you can visit the Vancouver Humane Society website to contact the federal candidates in your riding in just 30 seconds; watch Canada’s first ever Animal Protection Debate; learn more about each party’s commitments to animal protection; and find out how your voice and vote can make a difference. Here’s how you can create a kinder Canada for animals—starting today.  

Email your local candidates:
Call on the candidates in your riding to make animal protection a priority during and after the election! You can now use Vancouver Humane Society’s quick email tool to make your voice heard in just 30 seconds.  

Watch the Animal Protection Debate
Want to learn more about each party’s commitments to animal protection? You can now watch the recorded debate and hear the candidates’ positions on tackling the impacts of industrial farming, ending the wildlife trade, supporting people with companion animals, and more.   Watch the debate  

From email communication sent by The Vancouver Humane Society on Sept. 14, 2021.

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