Animal Justice Academy Event Recording: Ushering in Non-Animal Testing Methods

Image by Twyla Francois

We are very pleased to share this recording from YouTube of an Animal Justice Academy event about non-animal testing methods. As Animal Justice says:

Animals in labs endure excruciating pain, terror, and isolation. Meanwhile 95% of drugs tested to be safe and effective in animals end up failing in human clinical trials.

Fortunately, there are shifts happening, including Canada’s Parliament recently passing a bill to phase out one of the most brutal forms of animal experimentation… toxicity testing.

Dr. Charu Chandrasekera of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods and Animal Justice’s Kaitlyn Mitchell worked behind the scenes to make sure the bill contained a roadmap for transitioning to animal-free testing methods that are cheaper, faster, and more predictive of results in humans.

In this AJA Lunchtime Live, they fill us in on the exciting developments in non-animal testing methods and chart out next steps in making these the default.

They also have an important action for us to take before January 29, 2024 to support the innovations that will make animals used for science a thing of the past. Here’s the AJA Action Brief on this.

Enjoy the replay! 💜

From Animal Justice Academy email sent: Jan. 23, 2024. Video is on YouTube.

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