Do Not Euthanize Bear & Her Cubs

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

For the city of Abbotsford: It has come to our attention that, conservation officers are trying to locate and possibly euthanize two black bear cubs and their mother. Black bears are only found in North America. They live in the forests, feeding on predominantly nuts and berries.  These particular black bears are a part of our community. We need to demand they be relocated instead of being euthanized. Let’s work together to save 3 precious lives. The Cubs have lived in the forest at the top of Eagle mountain for several years. The mother has been spotted for over 10 years. Locals have even named her Georgina.  They have never been a danger to anyone. Recent development behind Eagle Mountain in 2021 has taken most of their roaming ground and the least we can do is band together to protect them. Innocent lives are the most precious. With the mass extinction of animals and their habitats, we humans need to work harder to stop this injustice from happening. 


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