Friday’s Action: A bit of everything, letters, petitions, what you support to end cruelty to lab animals

No Pets In Research: Premiers
April 24, 2020

At last count, 3.9 million animals (mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs and more) were used in labs in Canada alone, 120,099 “subjected to severe pain” without analgesia.

On the Lunar Calendar this is the YEAR OF THE RAT Let’s make it the YEAR OF THE LAB-RAT HOW WILL YOU MARK WORLD DAY FOR LAB ANIMALS?  

Write to your MP for humane laws governing lab animal treatment and ending secrecy behind lab doors. Humane alternatives are less cruel and also better science: cell tissue, in-vitro testing, computer modelling and imaging   Copy your messages to Ministers of Justice, Science & Industry,  and the National Research Council ( ).  

If you wish to donate to medical charities, go to to find out which ones do NOT experiment on animals DO NOT JOIN CHARITY RUNS for organizations which still do cruel outdated research with animals in tiny isolated cages  

(Animal Defence and Anti-vivisection Society of BC)
(Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – U.S.)
(Animal Alliance of Canada)

For a list of handy apps that can help you find cruelty-free products and companies on the go:

Also, please sign the petition against forced swim tests on rats at:

And, just a reminder, you can find your MP at this site:

Thank you for doing what you can to make a difference!