From Twyla Francois, Creator of ADAV’s Humane Charities Website

Sketch by Twyla Francois

I’ve been sitting on this sketch for some time, unsure of whether I should share it or not. I drew it after reading research protocols as part of the development of the Humane Charities Canada website. This particular study was funded by Parkinson Canada and involved repeatedly injecting primates with an industrial chemical to create lesions on their brains, then chemically paralyzing and shocking them without pain relief. It was done over and over again to monkey after monkey for years.

When we donate to groups like Parkinson Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society or the Heart and Stroke Foundation, we never think our money will be used to conduct cruel, archaic research like this, but it does.

The thing is, there’s no reason to continue using animals in medical research – far superior alternatives exist which produce results that are actually applicable to humans.

Help ensure your donations aren’t used to fund cruel, inapplicable research on animals, go to and search the list. Help humans without harming animals by donating to charities that don’t fund archaic animal research.

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