Harvard Funding Cruel Monkey Research

Image by Pavan Prasad from Pixabay

We are sad to share the information below from PETA but pleased they offer an opportunity to take action. You can send a pre-written letter with just a few clicks. It only takes a moment.

PETA’s 18-month investigation blew the lid off the Caucaseco Scientific Research Center, the Colombian scam organization that had been propped up with U.S. taxpayer money. But the more we dig, the worse it gets.   Here’s the latest twist: PETA has found that Harvard University is among Caucaseco’s financial backers, and the school refuses to distance itself publicly from the sham operation, despite having every opportunity to do so.

Astonishingly, this comes after Colombian officials found fraud in the organization’s science, shuttered its facilities, and rescued the animals—and even after the U.S. National Institutes of Health finally yanked its funding.

Harvard has also been silent about Harvard Medical School experimenter Margaret Livingstone, who has sewn baby monkeys’ eyelids shut and left the animals in complete darkness for up to a year in gruesome sensory deprivation experiments.

Please urge Harvard to cancel Livingstone’s abominable cruelty.    
Thank you in advance for taking action today and for all that you do for animals.

Kathy Guillermo
Senior Vice President
Laboratory Investigations Department
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