Help Former Research Chimps Find Homes on World Chimpanzee Day

Research animals survive so much: Separation from their mothers. Isolation in cages. Cruel experimentation. And when they’re no longer “useful” . . . the danger isn’t over. Former research animals, like Thomas, pictured above, are often seen as a “hassle.” Not worth the effort to save.

But you and I know that these vulnerable animals should be prized and valued, not discarded. They deserve to be treated with care and respect.

Today is World Chimpanzee Day, a time to celebrate these amazing animals—and also a time to remind us of the work that is still needed to ensure they are able to live their lives as nature intended

I know you share my passion for animals—and want to put an end to the ineffective, outdated, inhumane research that still occurs across the nation.

Your donation to NAVS is not only helping advance a future where no animal suffers in a lab. It is also helping create a world now where every animal emerging from a cruel laboratory finds a sanctuary where they can thrive. Thomas, for example, now lives and thrives at Primarily Primates, a sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas—thanks in part to NAVS supporters like you.

Through your support of NAVS’ work, you will rescue animals who have undergone invasive research. You’ll provide forever homes for them in sanctuaries where they can find companionship and peace. And you’ll help ensure that animals in the future are spared from growing up in laboratory cages.

On this World Chimpanzee Day, I hope you will join me in helping chimpanzees like Thomas—and in advocating for a better world for all animals. Together we can give animals the homes they deserve.  

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From National Anti-Vivisection Society,

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