New Book: ROXI the Rescue Dog Helps the Bunnies: A Story About Animal Compassion for Children Ages 3-5 by Carolyn Drew, illustrator Debi Pirie

A story about animal compassion and kindness for children ages 3-5.

Roxi the Rescue Dog Helps the Bunnies is an age-appropriate animal rights story about bunnies used for cosmetic testing. In this story, Roxi the rescue dog has a nice life, and she wants all the animals in the world to have a nice life too! Roxi meets happy bunnies and sad bunnies. The happy bunnies are enjoying life in their natural habitat, but the sad bunnies live in a cement laboratory. Oh dear! Roxi puts on her superhero cape and flies around the world spreading her message about kindness and encouraging everyone to try cruelty-free products. The story has a very happy ending because the sad bunnies get to move in with the happy bunnies and they all have a nice life!