Octopus Massacre

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The information and petition below came to us from AVAAZ. Let’s take action to stop these cruel practices from happening by signing the petition. There are also several links for additional information on the issue included.

Dear friends,

Octopuses are seriously smart. They can use tools and solve complex problems, and even feel pain, pleasure, joy and fear!

That’s why scientists are outraged by plans for the world’s first octopus farm in Spain, which would see a MILLION of these mostly solitary creatures crammed into tiny tanks every year, then killed painfully by being frozen alive in icy vats to feed the food market.

It’s torture on an industrial scale.

But we can stop it. Plans for the farm have been submitted to local authorities – and a massive outcry can help prevent this suffering! Add your name now and Avaaz will deliver our voices to local authorities and the EU demanding that octopus farming is banned before it starts!
Let’s help stop octopus farming – sign now!

Commercial octopus farming has never been done before, and experts say it can’t happen without inflicting untold suffering on one of Earth’s most amazing creatures.

But that hasn’t stopped a Spanish company trying to build what amounts to a giant octopus torture chamber in the Canary Islands. Now there’s hope — the UK has recognised octopus and other aquatic species as sentient beings, and the EU is now reviewing its own legislation.

These amazing creatures need a voice – and we can be it. So let’s build an astounding call from around the world, pressure local authorities to stop the farm, right before regional elections and call on Europe and governments everywhere to ban the horror octopus farming.

Let’s help stop octopus farming – sign now!

The viral documentary, My Octopus Teacher, showed the whole world how aware and intelligent octopuses are. And everywhere we look, evidence is pouring in that humanity shares the planet with animals and even plants that can feel far more than we ever imagined. Our community has stood up many times for the rights of fellow species – now we need to do it again.

In hope and determination,

Martyna, Bert, Joanna, Nax, John, Anneke, Christoph and the entire team at Avaaz  

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From email communication sent by Avaaz, March 28, 2023

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