Petition: Terminate Pound Seizure Practices in Ontario

Image by Janusz Walczak from Pixabay

We are horrified by the practice of pound seizures that send animals from pound or shelter to research or educational facilities in Ontario and happy to share the petition on the issue. Please read and sign. It only takes a moment!

We are residents of Kingston, ON, Canada and this issue is deeply personal to us. The practice of pound seizure – the selling or giving away of animals from a pound or shelter to research and educational facilities – has been causing immense suffering for both non-human animals and their caregivers. This outdated and cruel practice leads to non-human animal suffering on an unimaginable scale.

In Ontario alone, countless animals are subjected to this fate every year. These innocent non-human animals are taken from shelters and pounds where they should be safe, only to be used in experiments that often lead to pain and death. Not only does this cause immeasurable harm to the animals involved, but it also inflicts emotional trauma on caregivers who lose their companion animal to this practice. 

The impact extends beyond just the immediate victims. It discourages companion animal caregivers from using shelters and pounds out of fear their pets could end up in research labs if they ever got lost. This subsequently puts more pressure on rescue organizations that are already stretched thin.

It’s time we put an end to pound seizure in Ontario once and for all. We need legislation that protects our companion animals from being sold into research without consent, ensuring they have a chance at finding loving homes instead of ending up as test subjects.

Please join us in calling upon our local government representatives here in Kingston as well as provincial leaders across Ontario; let’s urge them together to terminate these heart-wrenching practices immediately! Sign this petition today because every signature brings us one step closer towards ending animal suffering caused by pound seizure.

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