Preventing Unethical Puppy Sales Act Passes in Ontario

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Our thanks to Vancouver Humane Society for sharing the information below. It’s one of three good news pieces they sent out. So often the news is bad. How nice to to be able to share some positive progress!

A new law in Ontario has made puppy mills illegal in the province and introduced greater protections against the unethical breeding and sales of puppies. The Preventing Unethical Puppy Sales (PUPS) Act received Royal Assent in Ontario on June 6.

Advocates from Ontario including Laurie Ristmae, the founder of ARF Ontario and the executive director of the East London Animal Hospital, called this bill “a huge step in the right direction” when it was tabled in December. Ristmae noted that enforcement of the law will be key.

Other advocates like Camille Labchuk from Animal Justice are calling for the law to be strengthened, with proposed changes including requiring breeders in Ontario be registered and licensed.

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From Vancouver Humane Society

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