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Proceeds to Help Get Animals Out of Labs & to Help Animals in the Ukraine

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To purchase an item, please email: to arrange payment and pickup from sites in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. Pick up locations are located in: North Vancouver, North Burnaby, South Burnaby, South Richmond and Kitsilano. In some cases, delivery may be available.

For these sales 50 % will go to animal rescue organizations in Ukraine and the rest goes toward our work toward getting animals out of labs.

Dog Life Jackets: $19.00Book Set 1: $10.00
All hardcovers plus 1 softcover
Click image to see it larger
Book Set 2: $10.00
Good quality soft covers plus
an occasional hardcover
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Hand-Knit Dolls: $79.00 Set of 2
or $48.00 each
Click image to see more detail
including detailing on back

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