UBC Releases Some Information About Its Animal Research

(Free-Press-Release.com) October 28, 2011 —
VANCOUVER, BC – For the first time UBC has released some details about its animal research, including data on the numbers and types of animals used in experiments. The UBC data released today, and which can be reviewed here http://www.animalresearch.ubc.ca/animal-species-2010.html, reveals that in 2010, “211,764 animals have been involved in 982 research protocols in 2010.” That number is far higher than previously thought. Stop UBC Animal Research, an animal advocacy group that has filed a number of freedom of information requests to the university, said today’s release of information was a good first step but not nearly enough for the public to fully assess UBC’s animal research programs.

“While we are encouraged UBC has released some information, the university continues to withhold critical details about its extensive animal research progams,” said Brian Vincent, Director of Stop UBC Animal Research. “UBC has taken a first step towards more transparency. But the university needs to provide far more information to allow the public to fully evaluate its experiments on animals.”

The animal rights group said UBC should release more specific information including:

*Data on species of animals used in research. While UBC released data that includes “type” of animal it does not specify species of animal.

*Research protocols

*Funding sources to determine how much is taxpayer funded and how much is paid for by corporate interests

*Necropsy and veterinary reports

*Lab inspection reports

*Any citations of animal care violations at UBC

“UBC prides itself on promoting critical thinking, openess, and public discourse. Why, then, is it so tight-lipped about its animal research?” asked Vincent. “What is the university trying to hide?”

More information can be found online at http://stopubcanimalresearch.org/