URGENT: Stop Vicious Penned Hunting

Image by Animal Justice

The message below came to us from Animal Justice. We are passing it along so people have a chance to stop this vicious form of animal abuse. The note encourages people to take action today, but even if you don’t see this in time, we think it’s worth taking action on.

“Penned hunting” is a bloodsport where animals such as foxes, coyotes, and rabbits are trapped in outdoor pens and used as live bait to “train” hunting dogs.

These terrified animals run for their lives, but have nowhere to escape to. When caught, they’re are often viciously killed by dogs who are trained to rip them apart, piece by piece.

Tomorrow a committee of the Ontario government is considering reversing a province-wide ban on new cruel “train and trial areas”…AKA penned hunting.

This disturbing form of entertainment is illegal everywhere else in Canada and in most US states. Penned hunting is widely condemned because it causes extreme and unnecessary stress, suffering, and death to wild animals, while also posing threats to public health and safety.

We’re asking AJAers to submit a comment via email TODAY (Wednesday) as part of the public consultation.
The deadline for comments was supposed to be May 18, but we’ve just found out that the committee considering revoking the ban is meeting and might be making their decision as soon as THURSDAY, so we need folks to act today.

We’ve created an AJA Action Brief to make it all super-easy for you with the email addresses, structure for the email, and talking points to choose from.

We have different actions for those in Ontario and those outside of Ontario/outside of Canada.

Taking a few minutes out of your day to submit a quick letter could mean saving so many animals from a horrific death and letting the Ontario government know how many people are against abusing wild animals for entertainment.

In appreciation,

Kimberly Carrol
Academy Director
Animal Justice


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