BC’s Wildlife is Being Poisoned

More animals have fallen victim to inhumane and indiscriminate wildlife poisons in recent weeks, including a golden eagle in Grand Forks and an entire family of owls on Vancouver Island. While the golden eagle was found in time by rescuers and has since recovered and been released back into the wild, the family of owls tragically did not survive.  

Since Vancouver Humane Society launched the campaign to ban cruel rodent poisons (rodenticides) across B.C last month, more than 2,100 supporters have taken our pledge in support of a province-wide ban. Every pledge counts as we move this issue forward with decision-makers; you can help by adding your name to call for an urgent province-wide ban on rodenticides, then sharing the pledge with your friends, family, and social media.

  Take the Pledge  

Thank you for standing up for B.C. wildlife.

From Vancouver Humane Society, distributed by email, May 28, 2021.

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