Sign the Petition Against Dogs & Cats Being Sold Through LIVESTOCK Auctions in Canada

Image by Janusz Walczak from Pixabay

Audrey Weiss recently sent the note below about the petition she started in response to dogs and cats being sold through LIVESTOCK auctions Canada. It only takes a moment to take action.

From Audrey Weiss:

Hi.  Petition # 4439 through the House of Commons only has 302 signatures to date.  We need to get to at least 500 by September.  I’d appreciate your help by sharing this petition.  Thanks.

Dogs and cats are being sold through LIVESTOCK auctions in Canada.  I started a petition through the House of Commons advocating for these companion animals and hopefully stop this practice.

Willow Ranch and Rescue rescued 2 dogs from a recent online LIVESTOCK auction in MB and this is what brought about my ‘passion’ for this petition.  Updates about these 2 dogs are on their FB page.

I’d appreciate your support by signing and sharing this petition.  Simply, click on this blue link:   open for signature.

Just fill out the information and press ‘sign this petition’ at the end of the page.

NOT QUITE DONE – You will receive an email from The House of Commons that says “No Reply”, but you need to open that email and click on this:  Please confirm your support to complete the process for your signature to count.  This is to make sure people aren’t signing using fake email addresses.

An alternate way of signing is to google “House of Commons petitions”, click on their Home Page, enter # 4439 in the search bar and follow the directions from there.

Thank you.  I appreciate your support by signing and sharing this petition.

From email communication sent by Audrey Weiss and forwarded to us on July 16, 2023.

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