Take Action Against Monkeys Chained & Whipped for Coconut Milk

We received the disturbing news and action alert below from PETA. Please use the “take action” link at the bottom to go to PETA’s page where you can send a pre-written note to Whole Foods about the issue. It only takes a moment.

From PETA:

Whole Foods is supporting the abuse of monkeys who are chained, whipped, and forced to pick coconuts as long as it sells Thai coconut milk.

PETA Asia’s latest investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry has revealed that despite false claims by the Thai government and makers of coconut products, wild baby monkeys are still being kidnapped—many illegally—before being chained, whipped, and forced to spend long hours picking heavy coconuts. They can incur broken bones from harsh handling and get stung by hornets, which can be fatal. When they aren’t working, they’re kept in small cages or tethered on barren patches of dirt, often without food, water, or protection from the elements.

Whole Food’s 365 brand sources the coconuts in its coconut milk from Thailand, and one of its coconut milk suppliers was implicated in PETA Asia’s latest investigation into the trade. PETA has contacted Whole Foods, but the company has refused to stop selling Thai coconut milk via its 365 brand and third-party brands even though it already offers canned coconut milk from countries where monkey labor isn’t used.

Take a look at the latest investigation, then send an urgent message to Whole Foods urging it to stop selling Thai coconut milk—that’s the only way to end this cruelty.

Click here to take Action

From PETA email communication, sent July 5, 2023.

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