Online Book Launch. Rat Trap: The Capture of Medicine by Animal Research and How to Break Free.

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We are pleased to pass on information about this online book launch scheduled for July 31st. You’ll find a description below along with a link to the Eventbrite registration page. Hope you can make it!

From Eventbrite:

In our 3Rs Webinar on Monday, July 31, at 1 pm New York / 6 pm London/ 7 pm Berlin, Dr. Pandora Pound will present her forthcoming book ‘Rat Trap: The Capture of Medicine by Animal Research – and how to Break Free‘.

In her book Rat Trap, Dr Pandora Pound, Research Director at Safer Medicines Trust, provides a riveting account of how animal research became so well established, before proceeding to painstakingly reveal the futility and shockingly poor quality of most animal studies. Focusing on the science, she illustrates how medical progress is being thwarted by an obsolete and harmful practice, but also shows how awe-inspiring new technologies could revolutionise medicine if only it were able to escape the stranglehold of animal research. Rat Trap (publication date 28th August 2023) slays the many myths about animal research and shows that, far from being a necessary evil, it is one of the most important and urgent scientific issues of our time. In this webinar, Dr Pound discusses her book as well as the difficulties she faced getting it published, throwing light on the challenges of communicating with the general public about the science and replacement of animal research.


Dr Pound has been conducting research since 1990 and has worked within universities and medical schools throughout London and the South West, mainly in the field of public health. She was an early proponent of the need for systematic reviews of animal research and has published widely on the need for an evidence-based approach in this field. In 2017, she left academia to focus on this issue and to work towards more human-relevant approaches to the development and testing of medicines. She is Research Director at Safer Medicines Trust.

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