Cruel treatment of horses destined for human consumption being challenged by the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. You can help.

It may be hard for some to believe that tens of thousands of horses, are routinely slaughtered in Canada, for human consumption.

Some of the meat is consumed in Canada, and much of it is shipped to the European Union, and other markets, including  Japan.

This barbaric practice is currently banned in the United States, so horses from the United States are shipped to Canada, and to Mexico, to be slaughtered.

In addition Canada allows for the transportation of live horses to Japan, and South Korea to be slaughtered for human consumption, and unfortunately the transportation of horses destined for slaughter within Canada, and by air, is far from humane.

Videos taken at Canadian and Japanese airports show many horses in these crates don’t have sufficient head clearance, with their heads touching the roofs and ears protruding through the crates, contravening IATA regulations;

and Flights are 10.5 to 13.5 hours long.

Additional hours must be considered for ground transportation, loading into crates, and loading and unloading crates from planes.

During this time, horses have no access to food or water.

Horses destined for slaughter are not shipped with the same care as horses destined for shows. For example, only 1 large draft horse is meant to be shipped per crate, yet 3 and 4 are being shipped per crate. Canadian shipping regulations are being broken.

For more information, including videos and information on legal action being taken, as well as on contacting your member of parliament or signing a petition, go to the excellent site:

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition at:

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