Investigation at Vivotecnia Testing Facility Exposes Extreme Animal Cruelty

Image by Tnmyp bax from Pixabay. Note: this is not an image from the lab. Images from the actual lab taken by Cruelty Free International may be quite upsetting to some viewers.

This month Cruelty Free International released findings from an investigation at Vivotecnia testing facility, exposing extreme cruelty and horrific suffering inflicted on animals.

Vivotecnia is an independent European toxicology contract research organization based in Madrid, Spain. Its customers include companies from Spain, Europe (including the UK), Central America, Japan, Korea and the USA. 

Footage from the investigation shows animals routinely verbally and physically abused and appalling levels of bad practice during experiments leading to injuries and death. The evidence reveals standards that violate the rules governing how animals in laboratories should be housed and handled as well as procedures carried out without sedation and anaesthesia. 

Since we revealed the investigation, over 670,000 animal lovers from around the globe have signed our petition to close Vivotecnia for good. In response, the Community of Madrid has suspended activities at Vivotecnia and we continue to fight to have the animals safely re-homed.

But we won’t stop until Vivotecnia is closed for good.

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Read more about the Vivotecnia investigation findings here.

WARNING: the web page contains images, footage and descriptions that you may find upsetting

Together we can create a world where no animal suffers in a facility like Vivotecnia ever again.

From email sent by Cruelty Free International, May 3, 2021.

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