Email your MP to stop cruel animal research

Every year in Canadian labs, more than 1 million animals are forced to endure excruciatingly painful procedures. That’s almost 3,000 animals each and every day!

You can help bring an end to this suffering by signing our electronic petition calling on the government of Canada to immediately ban the two most invasive categories of animal research which allow unanesthetized, conscious animals to endure pain that is at, near, or above, the pain tolerance threshold.

But don’t stop there. In order to make sure the government of Canada understands how important this petition is, it’s important that as many MPs across Canada are aware of this issue as possible. Simply sending a quick email can help ensure they do. Below is a sample letter you can use. You can find your MP’s email address here.

Your email today can help bring an end to cruel animal research. Thank you!

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Dear Mr./Ms/.Mrs. ,

I was shocked and saddened to learn that in publicly-funded research in Canada it is legal to force unanesthetized, conscious animals to endure pain that is at, near, or above, the pain tolerance threshold. There aren’t even any rules dictating how long the studies can go on for. When the agony finally stops, the animal may be killed or ‘recycled’ for use in further experiments.

This is why I’m writing to make sure you are aware of the electronic petition sponsored by The Honourable Don Davies. E-333 (Use of animals in research) calls for an immediate ban on any scientific research on animals that falls under the Canadian Council on Animal Care’s Categories of Invasiveness D and E. These experiments involve the highest levels of pain and distress to animals. The e-petition also calls upon you and all members of parliament to re-evaluate the use of animals given the availability and superiority of modern technological alternatives.

Public opposition to the use of animals in research is growing, and trust in both scientists and the rules governing the controversial practice is falling. It’s time for Canada to become a leader in the use of human-based approaches that are proving more effective, cost-efficient and humane.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name Here] 

Applied research - handling of a captive primate

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