End Animal Cruelty at the Fort Erie SPCA

On March 8th, 2020 a volunteer published their heartbreaking experience volunteering at the Fort Erie SPCA. While going to the shelter every day she started witnessing the animal abuse and neglect as well as the obvious incompetence of the charity’s management team. When the volunteer approached FE SPCA manager Wendy Trombley about the cruel and neglectful treatment of animals at the shelter, they were immediately met with aggression and shouted at to leave. They were never allowed in the shelter again.   

Animal Abuse – The lack of care in a charity that’s only goal is to work with animals is distressing. Dogs and cats finding themselves in this place rarely see a vet. It is a regular occurrence to find animals covered in urine and feces, underweight and stressed. When an animal enters the shelter, there is no proper intake process. There is no involvement of a vet, and no way to know if an animal is sick, injured, or contagious. Often healthy animals including wildlife are being euthanized. There are many stories of abuse in this shelter.

Several staff members tell stories of witnessing cats dying in front of their eyes. One of the worst stories told is that of over 30 cats being euthanized. The employees say they stayed well past the end of their shift to put all 30 cats down. Many of these cats were healthy, not known to have ringworm but euthanized as a precaution instead of getting veterinary advice. Ringworm is very treatable. After putting all the cats down, they put them in the freezer to be picked up later to be disposed. There was one staff member who said they opened the freezer, and the cats were still moving. The cats were not given enough of the lethal drug to kill them. It just put them out.

During the weekend, the animals do not get a lot of care. More than one Monday morning, volunteers witnessed the entire staff sitting in the break room with manager Wendy, eating and drinking their breakfast, while the animals stood in their own feces, with no fresh food or water.

Untrained Staff & Dangerous Work Conditions

  • Former and current staff volunteering or working at the SPCA did not receive proper training.
  • Co-op students and staff speak of euthanizing animals on their first day untrained.
  • A former employee was bitten severely by a dog while at work. Wendy, her employer, told her that she did not need immediate treatment, therefore, she had to finish her shift. Both Wendy and her son left before the bitten employee could leave.

We cannot and will not continue to let animals endure such trauma at the very hands of those who have the mandate to protect them. Please show your support by signing this petition to let the council know that this is unacceptable in our town.