Globe & Mail Reports Prime Minister Backs Bill to Ban Export of Live Horses for Japanese Horse-Meat Delicacy

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

We are pleased to share Canada’s Justine Trudeau’s decision to ban horses being exported from Canada to Japan for Meat as reported by the Globe and Mail.

The Prime Minister’s Office is supporting a bill brought forward by an MP Tuesday to ban the transport of live horses to Japan for slaughter to make a raw horse-meat delicacy.

It said a bill brought forward by Liberal Tim Louis will fulfill an election pledge to ban live horses being flown abroad for slaughter to make basashi, a horse-meat sashimi served in high-end restaurants.

Animal-welfare groups have accused the government of backpedalling on the promise, saying thousands of horses have been exported to Japan since Justin Trudeau mandated the Agriculture Minister to “ban the live export of horses for slaughter” in 2021.

The publication of the bill followed a meeting in July between Mr. Trudeau and singer-songwriter Jann Arden, who has been at the forefront of a campaign to end the export of live horses to Japan.

Ms. Arden said the Prime Minister had told her using a private member’s bill would be a faster way to get the law changed.

Animal-welfare groups and campaigners have been calling on Canada for years to follow the lead of the United States and Britain and ban the export of live horses for slaughter. More than 36,000 people signed a petition to the House of Commons calling for an end to the practice.

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