Letter to Russia in Support of Ukraine

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

One of our supporters has drafted the following letter to the Russian ambassador in Canada. If you wish to add your voice, you may use it as a template. Email addresses for Russion consulate and embassy’s around the world can be found at:


Dear Sirs:

While you may have some legitimate concerns over NATO countries close to your borders, killing innocent women, men and little children is NOT an honourable way for Russians to behave.  Your leader, Mr. Putin, should know better.  He has had little children himself. He likely is a grandfather.  How would he have liked having bombs rained down on them or leaving his children without a father?  You MUST think along these lines.  

Russia will not gain my respect if you use killing and force to go forward.  It is a mark of feeling self-importance over others and conceit if you need to use terror and military weapons upon people.  Those are not qualities of a honourable statesman. 

War is not the answer.  I urge you, sincerely, to stop the military action.  Dialogue without rancor, is the action of intelligent men and women.  Aggression and killing come from ego and arrogance and I do believe there are many voices, both in Canada and Russia, who would prefer statesmen to take this route.  Please urge your government to stop military action IMMEDIATELY and come to the table for compromise and dialogue.  

Thank you for reading this.  I wish the best to all peoples and nations and to urge them to find a way to live in peace. Until Russia does that, she does not have my respect.

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