Petition: Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Canada

Animal cruelty in cosmetics is such a normalized subject, people don’t question these actions because they aren’t seeing it in their everyday life. When a person puts on concealer or mascara their first thought isn’t “what pain did an animal have to go through for me to own this product”, but it should be. We should be actively thinking of ways to better ourselves and better the world we live in, the pain these animals go through is unnecessary and yet it’s never talked about. That’s all I want, I want people to talk about the torture these animals go through, these kind souls who are living and breathing creatures are put through constant pain without any relief. People simply need to be educated, they need to learn what is happening in this world and what really goes into the products they buy. However, no one likes to talk about this subject, or any topic that relates to social injustice for that matter, but it’s necessary. Nearly 90% of Canadiansare against animal testing so if we’re all against the testing of animals why are we doing nothing about it? There is so much pain that these animals go through that is constantly overlooked because people have this mindset that we are of such higher class that their pain is insignificant compared to our struggles. If you have a pet, you treat it as a family member and as a friend, we love them and feed them and care for them in every possible way, so it shouldn’t be different when it’s not our pet. These animals still deserve love and care

This issue seems so large and practically unstoppable, as major companies support these actions and people support these companies. But this new generation of people have proved to have new values and care about much more than a name brand or an inexpensive option. Many people are opting to buy local and support our community and even more have found ways to make things themselves, saving their money and finding solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. We can all do our part to avoid large corporations and businesses, yet it is still not enough, these companies still thrive while continuously harming animals. The best solution for this injustice is to legally ban it, and we can do that through Bill-s-214, a bill that would ban cosmetic testing on animals in Canada. This Bill cleared the senate in 2018, however, in 2019 the bill had run out of time to pass in the house of commons. If this bill can try again with the support of millions of Canadians I am certain it will pass this time. 

It is a proven fact that animal testing only works 5% of the time, while the other 95% of the time animals are being blinded, crippled, sickened and killed completely pointlessly. Furthermore, Europe has been successfully living without harming animals for years. Can we not learn? Can we not see how it works for them? Or do we as a society choose to ignore the progressive movement around us choosing to continue on our vicious path because we do not want to change? Should “want” be a valid excuse? NO! I’m sorry that people don’t WANT to change but these animals don’t WANT to be murdered. We need to change. 


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