Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics in Europe

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Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics in Europe

As many of you will already know, the European Union’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics is under serious threat. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is demanding new tests on animals for ingredients – even those used exclusively in cosmetics and ingredients with long-established safe use.

Tests on animals for cosmetic products and their ingredients were banned in Europe in 2009, and a ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics has been in place since 2013. We need to join together to protect the EU’s ban as well as support similar initiatives around the world.

If you are a European citizen you can add your support to an EU Citizens’ Initiative which, amongst other things, calls on the European Commission to “protect and strengthen the cosmetics animal testing ban”.

All you need to do is go to the European Union website and add your details: click here to access it.

Help reach the target of one million signatures – add your support today and share this message with friends and colleagues.

The final session of the recent Lush Prize Conference discussed the current threats to cruelty-free cosmetics in Europe, caused by conflicts between the ban on testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals and the legislation concerning chemical testing.

We heard from three experts on the issue: Dr Costanza Rovida, CAAT-Europe, Germany Troy Seidle, Humane Society International, Canada Dr Julia Fentem, Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, Unilever, UK

For more detailed information about the issue, watch the session video: click here.    

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