Take Action Before Dec. 9th: Tell Canada to Phase Out Toxicity Tests on Animals

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Canada has an exciting opportunity to phase out the use of animals in painful toxicity testing and to position Canada as a global leader when it comes to non-animal methods.

A new federal bill to update the Canadian Environmental Protection Act could help end these brutal tests on animals. Bill S-5 would help ensure toxicity tests are done only as a last resort and put Canada on track to phasing out toxicity testing on animals entirely by 2035. It will require the government to publish a plan to reduce and replace the use of animals, and require the government to promote and use animal-free testing methods.

Last week, Animal Justice staff lawyer Kaitlyn Mitchell appeared before the Parliamentary Committee studying the Bill to explain how it needs to be strengthened to protect animals. See Kaitlyn in action.

This Friday, the Committee will begin amending the Bill line-by-line. Magdalena, now’s the time to contact your MP and let politicians know that you support strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to better protect the environment and health of Canadians while promoting alternatives to toxicity testing on animals.

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From email message sent by Animal Justice, December 6, 2022.

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