Urgent: Help Halt Logging of Stanley Park!

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Stanley Park provides habitat for wildlife. We hope you can take some time to help put a halt to its logging. We are pleased to share the information and petition below from Michael Robert Caditz. In addition to the petition, there is a meeting coming up on Monday February 12th where the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners will be fielding questions. Would be great if you could attend! Even if you can’t make the meeting please sign and share the petition. There’s a button at the bottom of this post that takes you to it.

The Vancouver Park Board Commissioners will be onsite at the Hillcrest Community Centre, 4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver BC on Monday, February 12th 2024 from 6PM to 8:30 PM PST to field Q&As. 

The published topic is the future of the Vancouver Park Board itself, which is in question because of Mayor Ken Sim’s proposal to abolosh it. While that is an issue in itself, we believe that the current logging of Stanley Park is a dire emergency and takes priority.

Therefore, representatives from our Save Stanley Park group intend to ask questions related to the logging at the meeting notwithstanding anticipated off-topic objections from Park Board commissioners who have been working hard to keep the unjustifiability of the logging out of the public discussion.

More information on the meeting, click the link below:


Questions we may ask include:

  • This area near Prospect Point looks like it was bombed out. Why was it necessary to cause this amount of destruction to the forest? (show poster)
  • There appear to be healthy trees cut down and chopped up. I thought the project was to remove dead trees that posed a hazard. Why is your logging contractor cutting down healthy trees? (show poster)
  • Where is the science justifying cutting 160,000 trees, alive AND dead. Will you produce the Blackwell Report issued by your forestry consultant for public scrutiny?
  • In a democratic society, why was a decision as big as cutting one quarter of the forest in the people of Vancouver’s crown jewel considered an operational decision by a handful of commissioners relying on the claims of a government contractor rather than as a matter for public consideration?
  • The western hemlock looper moth is a native species to the Stanley Park ecosystem. It naturally emerges every 11-15 years as part of the natural cycle of life and death and have for millennia. Why are we to believe that suddenly now one quarter of the forest should be destroyed by humans because of this natural phenomenon?
  • Are you aware of the increase in traffic noise and visual pollution that this massive logging is causing on the interior paths within Stanley Park, and the degradation this will cause to parkgoers experience for decades to come?
  • Will you produce evidence that all less extreme measures to mitigate whatever dangers you claim are presented by dead and dying trees were exhausted before resorting to the drastic, irreversible, and tragic strategy of chopping down one quarter of Stanley Park?
  • How far are you into the logging project now? How many trees have been felled? How many more are there to be destroyed?

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