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I’m connecting today to share a very exciting new initiative that we’re launching…the Animal Justice Academy (AJA)!
AJA is free 6-week online advocacy bootcamp to empower you to make a better world for animals through political engagement, media, public protest and outreach, veganism, creative mediums, business, and your own unique communities and social circles.
Taking place Jan. 25 to Mar. 5, AJA will bring over 80 animal advocacy leaders together for 6 weeks of unprecedented learning, community, and collective action.

AJA’s compassionate luminaries include: MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith Psychologist & author Dr. Melanie Joy Internationally-renowned photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur MP Elizabeth May “Badass Vegan” John Lewis Animal Save Movement’s Anita Krajnc Gwenna Hunter of Vegans for Black Lives Matter Alternative research methods leader Dr. Charu Chandrasekera And, of course, you’ll be seeing a lot of the whole Animal Justice team.
Why are we doing this? Because animals have the odds so very stacked against them in this world, so we need every person out there who cares about animals to become a force of change for them.
AJA will feature 50 video modules, a dozen live online panels, as well as an online Academy forum to teach you how to become an informed, vibrant, and effective champion for all animals. And you’ll learn to do it in ways that use your unique skills and feel right for your personality and situation. 
Enrollment is now open. Please join us for this free one-of-a-kind training event.   Register Today   See you in the Academy!   In gratitude,

Kimberly Carroll
Animal Justice
Academy Director        


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