Reflections as We Enter a New Year: Animal Research is on the Way Out!

One –  and possibly the only good thing – to have evolved alongside the coronavirus is the growing certainty that extensive animal experimentation is not essential to biomedical research.

Rather than the usual lengthy trials on various animal species rendering disparate results, effective vaccines and antibody treatments such as those created by Moderna and Eli Lilly (in collaboration with Canadian biotech company AbCellera) respectively have gone from bench to bedside and clinical use in record time: 10 months rather than 10 years.

All patients with spontaneously-occurring human disease or inflicted injury deserve the same efficacy of research as COVID-19 sufferers.

To that end, our ADAV Society continues to campaign for the implementation of the myriad improvements to animal research that are already in existence.  Industry stakeholders are fighting the inevitable.  Animal experimentation is proving inferior to the rapidly expanding fields of human DNA research, computer modeling, organoids and imaging techniques.  Even – surprise! – some of the big pharmaceutical companies are saying that regulatory animal research is costing them too much in time and resources, and that we may be turning our backs on real cures due to the invalidity of the animal model.  So we are pleased to be able to claim  that animal experimentation is on its way out.  The question is, how much suffering can we prevent in the meantime?

To this end, please help us to prevent new animal labs from being built right here in BC!  Sign and share our urgent petition to the government of Premier John Horgan and Providence Health Care:

There is a newly-formed Progressive Non-Animal Research Society here in BC that seeks to promote the use and development of sophisticated improvements over animal-based research and we encourage you check out their site for updates:

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