Petition: Save the Sidney Island Deer

Image from petition posted by Carrie Victoria

The petition information below about a plan to kill a population of deer on BC’s Sidney Island was recently shared with ADAV. Please consider signing.

Parks Canada and a coalition of First Nations are currently planning to round up and kill the entire fallow deer population of Sidney Island, BC—upwards of 500 deer—because the animals are not native to the island.

The plan is to have dogs herd the deer into large net pens and then have marksmen shoot to kill. Helicopters may also be used to hunt down any deer that manage to evade the pens.

You can help prevent this act of cruelty and urge Parks Canada to find a better solution.

We are also pleased to share one of the comments posted on the site which adds additional information:

Jindra Casperson·

The island is privately owned by approx. 86 families, and the owners have a strata council that helps manage the island . Over the past 8 years the deer numbers have been brought down from approx 3000+ deer to under 500 and native plants have been reintroduced and are growing . The island habitat is well under control and a mass eradication program costing the government and private citizens millions of dollars is absolutely unnecessary. Flying helicopters, having hunters running around the island with guns and dogs is absolutely unacceptable. Let the island community manage their island themselves! And ask Parks Canada to spend money on better uses such as clean water for small communities etc.

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