Protect Wildlife Habitat: Stop the Destruction of Lemay Forest by Tochal Developments

One of our supporters reached out to us asking us to share this important and time sensitive petition. Few “forests”/natural habitats are left in the area of St. Norbert. Please help protect this one that is under threat from development.

For seven years, Tochal Developments has held control over a +22 acre greenfield and forested area adjacent to the southwest shores of the Red River. This land, located east of 35 De La Digue Avenue, west of 100 Villa Maria Place, and north of the homes at 819 – 915 Lemay Avenue is a vital part of our community in St. Norbert. The proposed development threatens to destroy Lemay Forest, an irreplaceable natural habitat that contributes significantly to our local biodiversity.

Here are a few statistics of what saving a forest can do! 

1. Deforestation contributes to approximately 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change.

2. Forests are home to more than 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. By saving forests, we protect countless species from extinction.

3. Forests act as important carbon sinks, absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Preserving forests helps in mitigating climate change by reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases.

4. Forests provide essential ecosystem services, such as water filtration, soil conservation, and flood regulation. By protecting forests, we ensure the availability of clean water and reduce the risk of natural disasters.

5. Forests are a source of livelihood for millions of people around the world, particularly indigenous communities. Preserving forests supports sustainable livelihoods and cultural preservation.

6. Forests play a crucial role in maintaining global water cycles. They help regulate rainfall patterns, ensuring water availability for agriculture, drinking water, and other human needs.

7. Forests contribute to the tourism industry, attracting visitors who appreciate the beauty and recreational opportunities they provide. Preserving forests can boost local economies through ecotourism.

8. Forests provide important medicinal resources, with approximately 25% of modern medicines derived from forest plants. Saving forests ensures the preservation of potential future medical breakthroughs.

9. Forests help combat soil erosion by holding the soil together with their root systems. This prevents the loss of fertile topsoil and helps maintain agricultural productivity.

10. Saving forests can have positive social impacts, such as improving community resilience to climate change, reducing poverty, and promoting sustainable development.

As residents and members of St Norbert and neighbouring communities we are deeply concerned about this impending environmental loss. We believe it’s crucial for our leaders in parliament to intervene and protect this precious ecosystem from destruction.

We urge you to consider not just the immediate economic gains but also long-term environmental sustainability that benefits all residents now and future generations alike. We call upon you as representatives elected by us – your constituents – to take action against this development project that threatens our beloved Lemay Forest.

We as a community, have a deep personal connection to Lemay forest that is facing destruction due to a future development. This forest has been our sanctuary, a place where we’ve found solace, explored nature’s wonders, and made cherished memories. We are determined to stop the development and preserve this invaluable ecosystem by raising awareness, organizing community efforts, and exploring legal avenues. Together, we can fight to protect this forest and its significance for future generations to come. 

Please join us in preserving our environment by signing this petition today! Let’s work together towards sustainable urban planning that respects nature’s boundaries while meeting community needs.

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