URGENT: Save the College of the Rockies’ Feral Cat Colony from Destruction: Time Sensitive!

We recently received the information and petition below from change.org about a healthy, well cared for colony of feral cats slated to have their food, water and housing destroyed on March 31 by the College of the Rockies. We encourage you to read the info below and sign as well as share the petition.

ADDITIONALLY: We ask that you make a phone call the College President’s Office by calling 250-489-2751, extension 3203. Phone calls are powerful and they only take a few minutes!

You can also send an email to the college President and CEO, Paul Vogt, at PVogt@cotr.bc.ca.

The College of the Rockies, feral cat colony is under imminent threat!

Located in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, the college has had a successfully volunteer-run, well-managed TNR’d feral cat colony living on their campus for 10 years. There are 14 cats, and they are healthy, have names, individual personalities, and are strongly bonded to one another.

All are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and are fully reliant on the food, water and shelter that has been provided to them through the volunteer colony caretaker at their own personal expense for the entire duration. The college was only required to provide some access to a little space, and had agreed to this.

After 10 years of this humane cat care, on November 29, 2022 the College emailed, stating they would be destroying the food, water and cat housing on March 31, 2023.

**** This would result in the cats suffering and likely their death. ****


There are no suitable location alternatives for this colony of cats who are deeply connected to their lifelong territory on the college grounds.

The colony caretaker tried reasoning with the college at that time, but was told it was not up for discussion, that there was no appeal process, and that she should remove any of her personal property from the site or it would be disposed of.

Animal welfare group East Kootenay Community Animal Response and Education Society (EKCARES) has since been trying to negotiate with the college to permit the cats to remain on campus.EKCARES has provided the college with information on the colony history, community importance of TNVR and colony care, and of the social and humane implications of their planned destruction of the cat colony.


We need to save these cats from extreme suffering and death!

Let the College of the Rockies’ President, Paul Vogt, know that EKCARES has the support of citizens wanting the cats to be left to live their lives with proper care in the only home they have ever known.

We, the undersigned, want the College of the Rockies, located in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, to leave the feral cats living on the college property; to not destroy their food, water or shelter; to treat the cats humanely; to demonstrate to staff, students and the public they are being a humane and responsible community leader by working with and following the guidance of EKCARES; and to leave the college feral cats to live their lives with continued daily care on the college property – the only home they have ever known. To do anything other than this would be inhumane, cruel and not acceptable!

Thank you!


From change. org, https://chng.it/zFWHv4WJfv

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