Protect the Orcas’ Ocean Homes: Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law

Image by David from Pixabay

Please take a moment to sign the petition from Lifeforce to protect orcas who are facing extinction and living in increasingly polluted waters.

While we are trying to find ways to protect people and animals from the Covid-19 pandemic we can and must also control all environmental pollution! One of the ways to achieve a healthier world is government funding of the most effective Tertiary Sewage Treatment! We must protect the health of wildlife and people!

Orcas are facing extinction! Pollution is one of the three major threats to the Southern Resident Killer Whales! They have lived and died for decades in increasingly polluted waters!

In order to protect people, animals and ecosystems money must be spent now for the best available technology. Many governments are planning to upgrade aging sewer treatment systems to only Secondary Treatment. If they do, households and industries will continue polluting land and water habitats. Implementing the present most effective Tertiary Treatment can’t wait for another 10 to 30 years with the increasing human population wastes, future increased costs and more pollution related health care costs!

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