Remember Animals in Labs for the Betty White Donation Challenge

Photo by Mosabbir Hasan Nayon from Pexels

On what would have been Hollywood Star, Betty White’s 100th Birthday, today, Jan 17, 2022, people are encouraged to donate $5 to animal causes.

We ask that as you consider where to donate your money too, you remember some of the most vulnerable of animals, those suffering in labs and subjected to medical and other experiments.

Every year, millions of animals experience excruciating pain and die in the name of research that does not reliably predict human outcomes. Live animals are used for burn research, psychological and physical pain research, given cancer, blinded, subjected to broken bones or strokes, swim tests in icy water, forced to inhale smoke, and more. All when alternative ways of research exist and it has been shown time and time again that, in research, animal models produce misleading results. Animal physiology is different than human physiology. For example, 90% of drugs that have tested safe in animals have failed in human clinical trials.

Betty White loved animals and we are sure she would care about the often forgotten lab animals. Please remember them as you honor her.

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